The Sexiest Valentine’s Gift is Working Out With Your Partner

02.14.2016 • Fitness

If you think all of those hours in the gym or miles pounded on the pavement are really good for you… imagine how great they are for your relationship! Couples who sweat together are better together, says a review of research at Psychology Today.

“Nonverbal mimicry helps people feel emotionally attuned with one another,” says one of the studies. People who engage in this feel more emotionally bonded, something you can put to the test when you match a running or walking cadence, align rhythm while lifting weights, or coordinate breath during yoga. And then, who knows what other rhythms you may find yourselves coordinating!

So much of our romantic relationships rely on this shared pace in life. A constant relationship complaint can be that you aren’t on the same wavelength or don’t seem to live in parallel. If you feel like you’ve tried everything else, scheduling workouts together could improve your fitness as a couple. When talking about it, reading about it, or even counseling over it may not have worked, take it to the gym. 

Just think about the end of a workout — heart is racing, body is sweaty, breath is short, and all of your endorphins are elevated. It doesn’t look that dissimilar from a good romp in the sheets!

“People can easily mistake the two and misattribute physical arousal for romantic attraction,” which could work to the advantage of your sex life. And when that’s hitting on all cylinders and you find yourselves in sync, what else can’t you do together?

As a couple you’re constantly working toward common goals in your life, be it with finances, career, or family. If you can achieve all of that together, consider what you can achieve when you’re striving toward shared or similar fitness goals? For some couples that may be losing weight, for others it may be training for and completing a race together. Maybe it’s a particular hike, or simply meeting a number of days or miles per week. It could also just be a shared, overall sense of wellbeing.

This year, as you shop for the Valentine in your life, consider a gift that keeps on giving! The jewelry will stick around, the chocolates will certainly taste great, but a gift of each other’s time and the reaped benefits, well, that’s pretty priceless!