5 Summer Games That Require a Stronger Sports Bra

07.21.2016 • Fitness

A sports bra is an essential tool that should be found in every woman’s gym bag. Not only do these sweat-wicking miracle devices keep your date-night bras sweat and stain free, they also make exercising more comfortable and reduce breast trauma and sag.

When left to their own devices, your twin peaks are supported by skin and Coopers’ ligaments, which are like little inelastic strings. When breasts bounce, these ligaments pull causing irreversible stretching that will cause your breasts to lose their perkiness. No wonder it is so important to wear a properly fitting sports bra!

With the 2016 summer games upon us, we’ve had fun identifying some of the sports that could spice up our own workout routines. These just happen to be sports where we think the female athletes could use the best sports bra possible for maximum protection and comfort.

Beach Volleyball

All of the jumping, squatting, and diving required in this game is sure to have your glutes screaming. This total body exercise will work your upper body too, just check out the guns on three-time gold medalist Misty May-Treanor. Wearing a well-fitted bra while you play will ensure that your breasts stay in place while the ball goes flying.


The intensity of this game can be adjusted for athletes of all skill levels, making it perfect for those just starting a fitness journey. Tennis is a great mix of cardio and isolated muscle movements that require tactical thinking that can generate new connections between nerve endings.

Trampoline Gymnastics

While you probably won’t be pulling triple tuck-back handsprings, trampolining is a great cardiovascular workout that increases circulation and tones muscles. Bouncing can be a fun alternative to running, putting up to 80% less strain on joints. It does come with some inherent risks, so be careful out there.


Triathlons are a challenging combination of a 1,500 meter swim, 40K bike ride, and 10K run. This complete cardiovascular workout is great for toning leg muscles and building strong glutes; just check out the legs on the top-ranked woman in the ITU World Triathlon Series, Gwen Jorgensen. Running without any bra causes the average woman's breasts to move up and down 8.5 cm, while wearing a sports bra decreases this range of motion by 52%.


Quick jabs and twinkle toes make boxing a fierce way to build and tone upper body muscles while letting out some aggression. Not to mention gaining a little street cred! A challenging game of speed, skill, endurance, and strategy, boxing is filled with female badasses like Clarissa Shields who give us major biceps squad goals.