50 Fresh Ideas for Your The Goal 30

09.22.2016 • Wellness

Diets, magazines, and even Instagram posts can bombard women with unrealistic and harmful fitness expectations. Even if the diet is healthy, diving in headfirst doesn’t always work. So how can people change their bodies and minds for the better over the long-term?

Weight loss blogger Arielle’s The Goal 30 challenge may be the key to a lasting lifestyle shift. The rules are simple: Set 30 non-scale related goals for yourself and complete them in 30 days. Give yourself a variety, from easy goals like cooking a new recipe to tougher ones like going days without sugar. Start your #TheGoal30 with some of these suggestions. There’s nothing more satisfying than checking off items from a list!

50 ideas for TheGoal30


  1. Exercise before work

  2. Spend at least 15 minutes outside every day

  3. Read a book that’s been sitting on your shelf

  4. Write encouraging letters to three people

  5. Get a new water bottle and use it

  6. Go three days in a row without sugar

  7. Take a friend to a workout class

  8. Try a new fitness app

  9. Make your own no-sugar salad dressing

  10. Only eat foods with no ingredients listed for a day

  11. Order something healthy when dining out

  12. Take a 12-hour technology break

  13. Meal plan for a week

  14. Get eight hours of sleep for five days in a row

  15. Go one day without social media

  16. Make a new workout playlist

  17. No alcohol for the month

  18. Have a treat and don’t feel guilty about it

  19. Walk somewhere you usually drive

  20. Learn a beginner hip-hop dance routine

  21. Take pictures of your favorite things and places to create a photo album

  22. Buy a dress that you feel beautiful in

  23. Stretch in the morning and before you go to bed

  24. Rearrange your furniture

  25. Go without caffeine for a week

  26. Drink only water for three days

  27. Track or journal your meals for a week

  28. Walk at least 10,000 steps every day

  29. Spend an afternoon at the spa

  30. Add a vegetable to every meal for five days

  31. Cook a new recipe

  32. Invite friends you haven’t seen recently to go to a concert

  33. Get a new planner and use it to map your progress

  34. Plant and care for flowers or herbs

  35. Go vegan for a day

  36. Keep a journal for the entire month

  37. Write a list of things you love about yourself

  38. Socialize without food

  39. Do a random act of kindness

  40. Grill something you’ve never tried before

  41. Meal prep an entire week

  42. Brown bag lunch for a week

  43. Watercolor paint your favorite view in nature

  44. Join an intramural sports team

  45. Donate clothes that don’t fit anymore

  46. Clean out your car

  47. If you get fast food, pay for the car behind you in the drive-through

  48. Volunteer at a local animal shelter

  49. Start a book club

  50. Eat breakfast every day