Listen Up! Music Could Lull Your Body Into a Healthier State

09.28.2016 • Wellness

In the pursuit of health, we often grasp for the physical or the visual, seeking which extra vitamin we can take or which scenic view will make us calmer. By focusing too much on these avenues, we overlook the power of sound on our minds and bodies.

Soothing melodies can take your consciousness on a ride to calming places, but they can also affect your physical health. One study showed that pre-surgery patients responded better to music than they did to anti-anxiety drugs. Listening to tunes before the surgery not only made them feel better, but it also gave them lower cortisol levels. Lower cortisol levels combined with the promotion of immunoglobulin A make music an ideal boost for the immune system.

Composer and pianist Murray Hidary has harnessed music’s transportive and healing capabilities in his performances, attempting to provide a life-changing experience for listeners. He calls this improvisational composing experience Mind Travel and has free concert downloads for anyone who wants to take the musical journey. Testimonials rave about the meditative state that Mind Travel allows them to enter, and there is science to back up these claims.

Our brainwaves range from high to low, falling into four categories depending on the frequency and amplitude.

  • Beta waves are typical of an average, awake mind

  • Alpha waves emerge when meditating or reflecting

  • Theta waves pop up while daydreaming

  • Delta waves are the lowest frequency and indicate a deep, dreamless sleep

It is possible, however, for our brainwaves to slow down and speed up to match sounds around us.

Mind Travel’s melodies guide your brainwaves to a lower frequency, allowing you to step out of the beta waves and into deeper, intensely relaxing waves. If you’ve ever tried meditating and found it frustrating, listening to Mind Travel or other calming music can get your brainwaves to the alpha level without the need for chanting or completely clearing your mind.

On your next overwhelming day, block out 30 minutes, sit in a dark room, and let harmonies lull your brainwaves to a relaxing level.