Fitness Trends to Watch for 2017

12.30.2016 • Fitness

As technology, medical knowledge, and social media have grown, they’ve taken the fitness world to new levels. With access to a slew of fitness trackers and medical advice, 2017 fitness trends will be tailored to people’s individual needs.

Some workout methods may seem unconventional, but regularly changing your routine saves you from boredom and keeps your body in better shape. Get ahead of the game and add some of these trends to your fitness schedule.

  • Fitness trackers. They’ve been around for awhile now, but their convenience and accuracy continues to improve, making new gadget releases as anticipated as smartphone upgrades. Many of them will measure your distance, heart rate, and allow you to track your health habits. These added workout insights coupled with interchangeable bands for any occasion make them an attractive trend.
  • Interval training. Long-gone are the days of the monotonous, long jog. Raising your heart rate is everyone’s new goal as they strive to enter the ideal zone for fat burning. Whether it’s sprints on the track or boxing in the gym, quick bursts of intense effort will take your workout to the next level.
  • Body-weight only. Expensive gym memberships and busy schedules have many turning to at-home fitness routines. With none or minimal equipment required, it becomes much cheaper and more time-efficient to pull up a yoga video at home. Losing the weights provides a better alternative for those easily injured or intimidated by a stack of dumbbells.
  • From land to water. Water aerobics and cycling classes are popping up utilizing resistance in unique ways to work more muscles. Hopping in the water will provide variation for land-only exercisers, challenging their strength in a new way. Additionally, water allows for minimal impact, meaning your knees and ankles will thank you.
  • Movement is key. Forget shakily attempting to hold plank position for obscene lengths of time. The bear crawl is the newest trend to rid us of planking in favor of motion. Remaining static may be challenging, but throwing some movement into old workout favorites gets your heart pumping and adds an element of flexibility and balance that will ultimately make you stronger.