How to Eat and Move All the Way to Grandmother’s House This Holiday Season

12.21.2016 • Food

Look, it’s no secret that we’re headed into the season where the Candy Land board game seems to come to life and we’re just hopping over bridges with arms full of gumdrops and trying to dodge licorice monsters lurking behind cotton candy trees all while working toward the twirly, swirly, glittery cupcake fortress of sugar coma dreams in the same pants we started in.

Can we live?

So before you set off for grandmother’s house by way of plane or train this holiday season, we wanted to arm you with a few travel tips that are good for your mind, body, and even hips! If you burn through all of your holiday splurges before you even get there, who’s going to eat all of that real pumpkin pie?


Say it with us … the cooler is your friend! If you’re traveling by car, then you can keep fresh delicious snacks or meals, depending on the length of the drive, right on hand. Sandwich supplies are the easiest for road-side picnics. Fresh, cold fruit like grapes, oranges, and apples are bite-sized, refreshing, and totally manageable in the car.

The site plans a route that you can filter by “vegetarian and healthy restaurants” along the way! The map indicates where to find restaurants, delis, and grocers that offer better options than greasy burgers and fries.

Stop and stretch, too! Your entire body will thank you if your trip lasts more than about three hours. Challenge yourself to take 500-1000 steps at each gas or bathroom stop; add some resistance with squats and lunges. Do a few yoga stretches when you’re stopped like cat/cow, windmills, or ragdolls.


TSA guidelines actually permit quite a few healthful foods to travel on board. Veggie sticks and hummus, chips and salsa, granola bars, a sandwich, or even a packed salad. Dressings, salsa, or other liquids have to stick to the 3.4-ounce rule.

In light of this, airports have broadened their offerings. Carry-on your will power and the caprese wrap will be just as satisfying as a pastrami on rye. Sushi, soup, big salads, and smoothies are pretty easy to find after security. Splurge on the biggest bottle of water after security and skip the alcohol. Dehydration is all too common with the dry air and altitude of air travel.

As for movement in the friendly skies, get all you can where you can. Walk instead of riding the moving sidewalk, take the escalators like stairs, and avoid folding into a chair in the terminal. Stateside airports with yoga rooms include SFO, DFW, ORD, and BTV. Overseas you can find them in London’s Heathrow, Hong Kong, and Helsinki. Or try these 12 yoga positions on the plane that include seated twists, savasana, and cat/cow, and neck and shoulder rolls. Stand and take a lap whenever possible.

PS - be sure to pack your favorite Enell sport bra. Whether tackling mall sales or your younger brothers in the backyard, you’ll want to be prepared for any physical activity opportunities that present themselves!