Candice Huffine and Project Start

03.31.2017 • Fitness

We were thrilled when we were perusing Allure's website and read an article about model Candice Huffine and her running journey. Candice has long talked about body positivity and body positivity in fashion, and is a great encourager of runners of all skills and sizes through her initiative, Project Start. Color us even more surprised to see this:

"Running with breasts—there's a lot to contend with there to figure out what's going to work and keep things in place. I’ve tried a lot and I have to shout from the rooftops, Enell bras are made for bigger chested women. They’re a godsend. When you run as a curvy woman, there are things that are touching each other, skin-on-skin, and you can hurt yourself."


"What a Difference a Year Makes: My Memoirs". ???? Let me just leave this thought behind..whatever it is you desire to do in this life-know that YOU CAN! You can, you will, and even if it doesn't come easy at first, you won't quit, you'll get stronger, and you'll conquer it. Whatever it may be, just go for it. #PSYouGotThis #UnitedNYChalf Thank you @NYRR for an unforgettable experience! And thank you @maggieconnolly1 for braids that lit up the streets of NY!!! ????????

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Pardon us while we fangirl!

We appreciate Candice giving us a shout-out, and are so glad to hear the ENELL SPORT bra is helping her achieve her running goals. Next up for Candice is the Boston Marathon!

Oh, but first, she has to be on the cover of Vogue Mexico's Beauty Edition:


To learn more about Candice, her thoughts on body diversity and more about her running life, you can listen to this podcast from Ali on the Run. Follow Candice on Instagram at @candicehuffine.