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Best Sports Bras

There's the frustration, the discomfort and the sheer humiliation...

Two-thirds of Australian women are risking permanent damage to their breasts, by exercising in the wrong bra.

Jane Kilkenny is an e-cup and a personal trainer, not a good combination when you can' find a bra with support.

"I have been reduced to tears in the frustration of trying to find the right sports bra," Jane tells ACA. "I've had a lot of injuries simply caused by lack of support in the breast area."

Jane now shares her experiences with her clients, educating them that a good sports bra is paramount to their performance.

"It is an absolutely essential piece of training equipment. Without the right support when you're exercising, sagging and drooping can be a major issue."

Maxine Windram is from Brava, a shop specialising in well-supported bras for larger women.

"There's more weight in a bigger bust, so more movement that can lead to bigger damage," Maxine says.

While nothing can be done to reverse the inevitable effects of gravity, there is a solution to slowing the sagging of breasts-and that is wearing good sports bra which will minimize the stretching of ligaments in our breasts during exercise.

Breasts move independently so you can imagine a woman running, breasts actually move in a figure eight shape rather than up and down as we might imagine. We've really got to protect the bust sideways as well us just up and down with the compression at the top and at the side.

Looking good on the outside starts with choosing the right bra underneath.

"You'll often spend over $250 on a pair of sports shoes, but what would you spend on your prized assets?"

And now the very latest research has produced anti-bounce bras that make intense exercise enjoyable again.

Brava's Enell Sports Bra: Oprah's favorite sports bra, the Enell is great for high intensity sports and particularly good for bigger busted women.

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