It’s Time to Skip Your Workout! Skipping is Better Than Walking and Running

07.14.2015 • Fitness

Skipping is considered a total body workout, exercising major muscles and your heart. Its minimal impact makes it easy on joints. People of all ages can do it, and they generally finish with a smile on their face. So why aren’t all of us doing it?


Don’t Mock the Walkers! Run Walk Run Should be Embraced

06.25.2015 • Fitness

Taking walk breaks during a run is actually one of the most effective methods for runners. The notion of giving runners of any level — beginners or veterans — a break on their route was first introduced by Jeff Galloway.


Which Running Race is Ideal for Your Style?

06.23.2015 • Fitness

Races are kind of the crowning achievement for runners, but no runner ever started with a marathon. Find the race that’s right for your style, speed, and goals and use that to keep you motivated and focused on the days you love it least.


Where to Wear Your Enell This Summer

05.31.2015 • Fitness

Really put your Enell to the test and see how it can help you enjoy summer activities in a totally different — and liberating — way!


The Craziest Races You Should Absolutely Run This Year

05.27.2015 • Fitness

Are you a runner? Or are you a fun runner? Everyone has a different reason for running, but if yours involves having the maximum amount of fun while racking up miles, then this is the sport for you!


8 Seriously Fun Ways to Stay Active on Your Summer Vacation

05.17.2015 • Fitness

When you picture being on vacation it almost always involves being someplace sunny where you can be completely stationary in a lounge chair whilst staring at Instagram-able scenery with an ice cold cocktail in the foreground. Let’s go right now, right? It sounds perfect!


Whip That Bra Line into Shape! 8 Ways to Train your Lats and Obliques

04.24.2015 • Fitness

If you want to fine tune and tone this area of your body, there are some pretty straight forward ways to tackle that bulge behind your bra. “Strength training will shape and firm, but the ‘flab’ that accumulates there will only diminish with clean eating."


4 Things Women are Doing Wrong in the Gym

04.21.2015 • Fitness

Hush your fears, own your presence at the gym, and insist on workouts designed for that of a woman. When you do, those results you’ve been working so hard for will show themselves, and you won’t be able to get enough.


Real Sports for Women: Give Pole Dancing a Spin for a Total Body Workout

04.18.2015 • Fitness

You probably hear pole dancing and immediately go to some dark and seedy place. Don’t. Sure, it’s one sport with a split personality, but its story is so much bigger than that.


Real Sports for Women: Roller Derby Opens the Rink to Every Body

04.13.2015 • Fitness

There’s a beautiful thing happening… women are starting to love their bodies. On the whole, women are embracing the skin they’re in and the many different shapes and sizes in which they live. It’s a powerful movement that extends to the roller derby rink.