Real Sports for Women: Try Rowing for a Total Body Workout

03.29.2015 • Fitness

Rowing has grown in popularity in the last year or so thanks in part to the rise of CrossFit and House of Cards’ domination of American TVs. The results are not only keeping everyone in shape, but it’s cooling off the spin cycle boom.


18 Women Who Made Athletics Possible for the Rest of Us

03.21.2015 • Fitness

Today, we can stand as proud athletes, no matter our sport, thanks to these (and so many other) strong, confident, fearless women.


The First Female Golfers Join St. Andrews, and Why Golfing is a Legit Workout

03.12.2015 • Fitness

Do you also think of golf as a man’s sport? Well we beg you to think again! It requires more physical fitness than you may think, which means golf offers a more legitimate workout than you probably assumed.


Desperation and Jock Straps: How the First Sports Bra was Invented

02.25.2015 • Fitness

So many great inventions spawned from a moment of desperation. No where is that truer than for athletes and fitness buffs, who so often have had to jimmy together the one thing they need to perform their sport better.


Real Sports for Women: Play More Softball for a Total Body Workout

02.18.2015 • Fitness

There’s no question in anyone’s mind that softball is a legitimate sport. But do you know how much of a workout both playing and training can be? If traditional exercise isn’t your jam, softball will take care of all of your body’s physical needs, both on and off the field.


You’ve Got No More Excuses to Skip the Weight Room Because Strength Training is Trendy

01.29.2015 • Fitness

Why do we need a top trends list to remind us how important strength training is? That seems to be the case as not enough of us are doing it, but we’ll take whatever it is that gets women in the weight room!


12 New Workouts You've Gotta Try in 2015

01.26.2015 • Fitness

Make a note of these 12 exciting, interesting, anything-but-usual workouts. Not only will they re-awaken your interest in being there, but you could find a whole new love affair you didn’t know you were missing!


HIIT 2015 Hard with the "It" Workout of the Year

01.20.2015 • Fitness

Just before the new year, the ACSM published its annual list of fitness trend predictions. The list itself was rather predictable, citing yoga, exercise for weight loss, and group training amongst some of the “rising” trends in 2015. But the one item that really stuck out as having some weight was HIIT training.


What Your Personal Trainer Won't Tell You

12.28.2014 • Fitness

She’s the woman you love to hate the most, but she’s also the one pushing you harder than anyone else toward that goal. The relationship with a personal trainer is a unique and special one, and clients either soar or break under their tutelage. For every tidbit of insight and encouragement your trainer offers you, there’s something she’s holding back.


Never Too Late

11.30.2014 • Fitness

Guest Post by ENELL Ambassador Allison Elliott-Shannon: “Allison sucks! Allison sucks!” That was pretty much the soundtrack to gym class for me, grades 1-8. In first and second grades I hid from the teacher because I thought jumping jacks were boring.