5 Tips to Help You Row, Row, Row Your Way to Fitness

11.11.2014 • Fitness

Have you noticed how hot rowing has suddenly become? It isn’t as if the rowing machine is a new piece of equipment — most gyms always had one or two, but they would sit dusty and neglected while everyone waited for the treadmill or the elliptical machine.


How to Prepare for Your First Turkey Trot

10.31.2014 • Fitness

Thanksgiving has more or less looked the same for decades…centuries even. Football was one of the only modern updates to the recipe. Turkey, cranberries, touchdown, nap, rinse, repeat. But the turkey trot has changed that. Finally. Thankfully!


A Dozen New Ways to Optimize Your Next Workout

10.29.2014 • Fitness

We hear all the time to get more out of our workouts, but what does that mean exactly? Doing more with less. To optimize your workout means getting more from each minute you’re sweating than you ordinarily would.


12 DIY Halloween Costumes to Make With a Sports Bra

10.19.2014 • Fitness

When it comes to DIY Halloween costumes on the cheap, there’s at least one prop that you’re probably overlooking. The sports bra can come in pretty handy for pulling together some fun, easy, no-nonsense costume ideas.


10 Yoga Poses Every Beginner Should Try

09.17.2014 • Fitness

To avoid injury and get the most out of each pose, you should take your time learning the basics of yoga, which can include breath work, proper alignment, and even meditation.


5 Reasons Horseback Riding Really is a Workout

06.16.2014 • Fitness

Just like your first time at yoga or your first return to the weight room in a while, a real day of riding can leave you feeling muscle aches and pains in places you didn’t know you had!


Tips for Trying Bikram (or Other Hot Yoga)

03.27.2014 • Fitness

Enell shares our experience and tips with Bikram, or hot yoga, after attending our first class.


5 Tips for Your First 5K

03.17.2014 • Fitness

Nearly four years ago, I was crossing the finish line of my first 5K. It was an unseasonably hot day, and I had friends who were walking faster that I was jogging. But they would stop in place and wait for me to catch up. When I crossed the finish line, I remember being so glad I wasn’t in last. I then broke down in tears because it was a feat I hadn’t thought I’d accomplish just a few months earlier as a completely sedentary person.