13 Awesome, No-Brainer Snacks That Fill You Up with Minimal Effort

04.30.2015 • Food

No matter what your reason is for grabbing a quick little bite, try one of these snacks that you don’t even have to think about. These are things you could walk into any drugstore, grocery store, or well-stocked pantry or desk drawer and grab.


The Best Proteins to Fuel Your Post-Workout Recovery

04.29.2015 • Food

Everyone knows the workout fueling rule, right? You’ve got to fuel the car before and after a road trip… and your body is the same! Keep it optimally fueled and your engines will rev the way you want them to.


4-Ingredient Raspberry Orange Zest Smoothie and 12 More Raspberry Orange Indulgences

03.09.2015 • Food

As we if weren’t already burning up from spring fever, we had to go and launch a hot new Raspberry Zest Enell. Now we’re fully craving the vitamin D-rich days of spring and summer. This new bra color will just have to tide us all over!


Feed Your Boobs: 14 Foods That Promote Breast Health

01.31.2015 • Food

There’s a body of foods that will, according to research, help prevent or reduce a woman’s risk for breast cancer. Can a food really hone in on a particular body part or manage a niche set of symptoms or metabolic needs?


What Really Happens to Your Body When You Overeat During the Holidays

11.24.2014 • Food

You polished off a second full plate of holiday food, maybe even snuck one more bite of baked mac ‘n cheese. You followed that with a sampler plate of the desserts . And you’ve done your share to deplete the wine supply. The effects are painfully obvious — heartburn, physical discomfort, bloat, maybe even a headache or some nausea. This is overeating at its finest, and nothing brings out the binger in all of us like a holiday meal.


The Fall Food and Fitness Bucket List

11.19.2014 • Food

Make yourself a fall bucket list — we’ve included a few things to get you started — to help prioritize the things that mean the most to you this time of year. Remember to keep those bodies moving, even the fun stuff is an excuse to do something good for you!