Kathy Kaehler

Exercise Celebrity Trainer and Author

Dreaming of being a P.E. teacher as a girl, Kathy has made fitness her profession. Kathy got her start as a wellness intern in Golden, Colorado, and now she trains celebrities and offers life-changing coaching and tips. For 13 years, she appeared on the Today show as the fitness correspondent while training including celebrities Julia Roberts, Michelle Pfeiffer, Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Aniston and Denise Richards.

A writer as well as a fitness guru, Kathy has authored several books including "Teenage Fitness", "Fit and Sexy for Life", "Kathy Kaehler's Celebrity Workouts", and the latest, "Momenergy". She has written for magazines including Elle, Self, and Women's Sports and Fitness, while her workouts and training tips have appeared publications ranging from Shape to Woman's Day. She is currently the leading health and fitness spokesperson for USANA and created her own healthy living online club called Sunday Set-Up.™ An expert on all topics fitness-related, Kathy was inducted into the Fitness Hall of Fame and endorses the best sports bra on the market, ENELL.

"When I train women, along with my questions about nutrition and exercise habits I always ask about what kind of workout bra they have. Nine times out of ten, I tell my story about Drew Barrymore and how I got her into an ENELL bra. These bras will change your life. If you don't run, jump, skip or dance because it hurts, your pain is now over. ENELL is the best workout bra on the market and continues to bring more and more women into the world of fitness. Women can finally feel free to move about and not move about, if you know what I mean."