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Celeb Training Tips: Do What You Hate
Jillian Michaels Spills Her Tips

I have an enormous amount of respect for celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels. She works so hard to get the body she has, and in an interview earlier this year, she admitted that she "was the fat kid." I trust her real-life workout tips, and now she's telling us to do what we hate. Great!

While working out can be really tedious, Michaels said that the boring stuff is quite often what will do you good. "Calisthenics prints, speed agility, quickness drills—it's so tedious and so monotonous and I hate every second of it," she said.

It looks like I'll be kicking it into high gear with some wind sprints and long-distance running tomorrow ... and I'm going to remember these things to keep me from going insane while I follow Jillian Michaels' tips.

  • Headphones: The better they are, the better you'll feel. Load up your iPod, and then don't let yourself listen to anything until you get on the track, on the trail, or in the gym.
  • Fun Beverages: If I'm going to be seating buckets, then I will actually need something to replenish my energy halfway through. I'm thinking that I'll hunt down some coconut water and chocolate milk to bring along with me—at least I'll get to anticipate something during my workout blast.
  • Awesome Foundation Pieces: ladies, I won't get near high-impact moves unless I'm layered up underneath. When you stretch those ligaments, they are done for—forever. Enell Sports Bras are like the champion of active bras, even liked by Oprah. Say no more!
  • Workout Plans: I like to print off workout routines or get an app on my phone with something new. If you challenge yourself with pre-planned workouts by a pro, then they won't feel as monotonous.