Petra Verkaik

The Most Published Woman in Playboy History

Being well-endowed has gotten Petra attention in more than one way. As the most published women in Playboy history, Petra has been highlighted for her natural beauty. When she was younger, however, her breasts got the best of her. After enjoying sports and activities as a child, Petra sat on the sidelines as a teenager because the bounce was too much.

Before ENELL, when Petra did serious cardio classes or anything that involved bouncing, jumping, etc., she would wear a bra, a one-piece bathing suit that was one size too small, another bra and what she refers to as a "rubber thing that straps around your waist with Velcro."

Today, she's glad to leave the body armor aside and put on ENELL. "With ENELL, I have a fantastic sports bra that lets me do ANY activity I want. It's one item and I'm ready to go. I spend at least five hours in ENELL bras every week.

If you are well-endowed and you want to be active, skip all my experiments and contraptions and try ENELL. You will love them like I do."