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"My large chest always gets in the way of having perfect form when I'm strength training."
Beth Manes, 42 

As with regular D, a DD can divide and conquer with an encapsulation bra. But you need even more support: Tank straps and a high T-shirt neckline in front and back help contain cleavage and banish bulge. (Later, back fat!)

Top pick Sports Bra, $ 64 to $66;

Thanks to its compression-encapsulation combo, a high neck and wide, no-stretch straps, this bra holds you in but allows arms the fullest range of motion. In-front hooks make it easy get it on (and off). "When you have really big boobs, pulling a sports bra overhead or closing hooks in back can be extremely challenging," Lawson says. "This secure style let her twist and turn-amazing!