Sports and Fitness

Drew Bigger
Best supported actress

To star in the upcoming film Charlie’s Angel, Drew Barrymore knew she’d need more than perfectly feathered hair. Acting out the high-speed scenes would call for real strength and stamina. Drew was never a fan of working out, so when came to me two months ago, we started out simply, walking on the treadmill at 3.5 miles per hour. Then we added 3-pound weights to strengthen her upper body. After a couple of weeks, I tried to get her to jump rope. Her face told me this was the last thing on earth she wanted to do. Later she admitted that high-impact exercises hurt her chest. So I gave her an ENELL sports bra, a tight vest with eyehook fastenings. Drew tried it on and jumped around, and nothing moved. She was so excited. “This thing’s going to change my life,” she said. Did it ever. That day she jumped rope and ran a quarter of a mile. Now she’s comfortable exercising-and she’s fit to battle crime.

Kathy Kaehler is a certified fitness trainer in Los Angeles.