Tracy & Lanny Barnes

Olympic Biathletes

From soccer to shooting, Tracy and Lanny have been serious about sports since they could walk, or rather hike, in their hometown of Durango, Colorado. The duo learned to shoot from their father. But it wasn't until they met a man at a competition who was working with the US Biathlon team that they heard about cross-country skiing, let alone shooting while skiing (biathlon). One thing led to another and before they knew it, Tracy and Lanny were trading in their dreams of playing soccer for competing in the biathlon. At the age of 18, they made their first World Jr. Championship team and medaled in the World Jr. Championships the next year. They have both been on five World Championship teams and are the most decorated US Biathletes, each with multiple National Championships to their names. Both Lanny and Tracy competed in the 2006 Olympics and Lanny participated in the 2010 Olympics.

Tracy reflected, "We couldn't have made it through all of that training without ENELL."

Lanny added, "ENELL sports bras are a woman's best friend."