Winter Smoothie Recipes Inspired by Seasonal Produce

11.30.2015 • Food

Who says smoothies have a season? Well it’s not us, and it’s certainly not our blender.

Just because summer is over and the farmers market has closed up shop doesn’t mean there’s not plenty of produce to be enjoyed over the late fall and winter months. In fact, the bounty is just as beautiful, nutritious, and delicious as its fair-weathered harvest counterparts.

In October you’ve got pumpkins, apples, pears, papaya, and coconut. November brings carrots, bananas, beets, cranberries, and avocado. Then December delivers kale, tangerines, oranges, and dates. Tell me you can’t make a handful of exceptional smoothies with those ingredients?

Smoothies are an all-year, all-weather meal. We love ‘em because they’re quick and easy to make, completely filling and satisfying, and provide a hyper-shot of fruits and vegetables anytime of day. Especially at breakfast, smoothies make an exceptional meal for kicking off the day ahead.

12 Winter Weather Smoothies

Pumpkin Pie Protein Smoothie --  banana, pumpkin puree, maple syrup, cinnamon

Ginger Pear Smoothie -- pear, ginger, banana, cinnamon, flax

Papaya, Green Apple, Orange Smoothie -- papaya, green apple, orange, honey, vanilla

Toasted Coconut Smoothie -- coconut flakes and milk, banana, flax

Oaty Chocolate Hot Smoothie -- dark chocolate, almond milk, banana, oats, chia

Apple Pie Protein Smoothie -- apple, banana, dates, ginger, cloves, cinnamon

Banana Bread Smoothie -- oats, banana, cinnamon, almond milk

Paleo Cinnamon Roll Smoothie -- banana, apple, coconut milk, cinnamon, honey

Cranberry Avocado Orange Smoothie -- banana, avocado, cranberry, orange

Kale/Apple/Spinach/Beet/Strawberry -- ultimate fall goodness with some familiar smoothie base fruits

Fresh Cranberry Orange Smoothie -- almond milk, orange, cranberry, maple syrup

Pumpkin Cashew Butter Smoothie -- pumpkin puree, cashew butter, blueberries, banana, flax

What’s your favorite smoothie in the fall and winter?