Toast the New Year with Tea-Infused Cocktails

12.27.2016 • Food

Hosting a new year’s eve party requires even the most adept party planners to find inventive new ways to celebrate, especially on the heels of the whirlwind holiday party season.

So here’s our tasty tip: You can skip the basic drinks and throw a healthy spin in the mix with tea cocktails!

Tea’s antioxidants, immune-boosting powers, and low-calorie flavor are the perfect ingredients for a unique party treat. Preventing cancer and heart disease and lowering cholesterol are only a few things that make tea the perfect mixer.

Most cocktails are filled with sugar that lead to more empty calories and upset stomachs. Two tea experts from Owl’s Brew, Jennie Ripps and Maria Littlefield, turned to tea cocktails to seek delicious drinks without excess sweeteners.

The two found that anyone can easily make their own tea cocktails when following some basic guidelines. When adding alcohol, you’ll want to double the amount of tea leaves you use in order to preserve the taste. Using a 4 to 1 ratio of tea to alcohol and a tablespoon of sweetener will balance the drink as well.

For an extra touch of natural sweetness, try a simple syrup made with honey. It’s just equal parts honey and water!

5 tea-infused cocktails

Mix your own holiday tea cocktails by using seasonal garnishes like cinnamon sticks or cranberries and toss them in your favorite tea blends.

Not ready to create your own recipe? Try some of these tea cocktail recipes to add a healthy, distinctive experience for your guests.