Remember to Take HEART for Better Health

02.12.2015 • Wellness

Here’s a pretty sobering fact about heart disease that every woman should know and be mindful of: It’s the number one killer of women. That’s right, heart disease kills more women than any other cause of death. It’s deadlier than all forms of cancer, killing one in three women.


Is Your Job Big Enough for a Sports Bra?

12.22.2014 • Wellness

When you’re a busty D-cup running sprints and intervals to train for the US Olympic Bobsled Team, the last thing you need is one more thing slowing you down. And for Alexandra Allred, it wasn’t just one, but two things slowing her down. She was one of those poor souls who doubled-down on sports bras.


Does the Math Add Up on Popular Wellness Recommendations?

12.17.2014 • Wellness

Take two of these and call me in the morning is the most infamous prescription line. It’s hardly the only wellness recommendation we know by heart, but do we actually know where any of them come from? From 8 hours of sleep per night to 8 glasses of water each day, “they” are always telling us the numbers by which we can live a healthy life.


Busting 5 Big Breast Cancer Rumors

10.13.2014 • Wellness

Rumor: Breast cancer is the leading cause of death in women. Fact: It’s certainly no friend to women, but it’s not the biggest killer. Heart disease has that unfortunate title.


Quit Making Boobs Your Excuse: Breast Health Depends on a Good Sports Bra

08.11.2014 • Wellness

Research finds that “the breast was a barrier to physical activity participation for 17 percent of women.”


The Enell Bra and Its Post-Op Benefits

05.28.2014 • Wellness

The Enell bra is the perfect option for any woman who has undergone breast surgery; aesthetically the bra looks a lot better than that of its surgical counterparts- which have a tendency to look like pre-teen training bras- and yet maintains suitable functionality.