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    Company Overview

    ENELL, Inc. (ENELL) was officially founded in 1993 by Renelle Braaten who is determined to provide sports bras well-endowed women can count on when and where it matters most. ENELL has grown from a one-woman show to a team of 15 talented and enthusiastic staff members dedicated to providing bras that SUPPORT, STABILIZE and SECURE on and off the playing field. Read more about our team.

    ENELL is proud to be a socially-responsible company. We strive to use local materials and quality manufacturing sites. Committed to SUPPORT in a BIG WAY , ENELL makes donations to several local charities and is committed to being an equal opportunity employer.

    ENELL, Inc. is a privately held corporation based in Montana with distribution in 11 countries.


    Scientifically designed to SUPPORT, STABILIZE and SECURE, ENELL Bras come in 10 sizes to fit C cups and above.

    ENELL SPORT Bra provides superior support for high-impact activities. Whether you are running or jumping, ENELL SPORT ensures that your body moves, not your breasts.

    ENELL LITE Bra is specially designed for low-to-medium impact activities and all-day wear. Feel confident and in control with ENELL LITE wherever your day takes you.


    • 2007 – Introduce two new products, the ENELL LITE Bra and the ENELL LITE Tee
    • 2006 – Product QA and distribution expands and moves to a dedicated warehouse
    • 2005 – Move manufacturing to Mexico; raw materials still come from the US
    • 2005 – Begin sponsoring US Olympic Biathletes, twin sisters Tracy and Lanny Barnes
    • 2005 – The ENELL SPORT Bra appears on The Oprah Show
    • 1998 – Establish manufacturing partnership with Puerto Rico company
    • 1993 – Begin manufacturing sports bras with local area seamstresses
    • 1993 – Enell, Inc. is founded by Renelle Braaten

    Company Pr/recognition

    • 2012 – Herroom.com, Undie Award Winner – Best Sports Bra
    • 2012 – Governor Brian Schweitzer's State of Montana Innovative Business Award
    • 2010 – FORCE Spirit of Empowerment Award
    • 2008 – Herroom.com Undie Award Winner – Best Sports Bra
    • 2008 – (August) O Magazine, "You Really Got A Hold On Me" feature article
    • 2008 – (February) O Magazine, "LOVE THAT!"
    • 2007 – Herroom.com, Undie Award Winner – Best Sports Bra
    • 2004 – (March) O Magazine, "Essential workout equipment"
    • 2002 – (April) O Magazine, "O List: A few things Oprah thinks are just great"