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      Company Overview

      ENELL, Inc. (ENELL) was officially founded in 1993 by Renelle Braaten who is determined to provide sports bras well-endowed women can count on when and where it matters most. ENELL has grown from a one-woman show to a team of 15 talented and enthusiastic staff members dedicated to providing bras that SUPPORT, STABILIZE and SECURE on and off the playing field. Read more about our team.

      ENELL is proud to be a socially-responsible company. We strive to use local materials and quality manufacturing sites. Committed to SUPPORT in a BIG WAY , ENELL makes donations to several local charities and is committed to being an equal opportunity employer.

      ENELL, Inc. is a privately held corporation based in Montana with distribution in 11 countries.


      Scientifically designed to SUPPORT, STABILIZE and SECURE, ENELL Bras come in 10 sizes to fit C cups and above.

      ENELL SPORT Bra provides superior support for high-impact activities. Whether you are running or jumping, ENELL SPORT ensures that your body moves, not your breasts.

      ENELL LITE Bra is specially designed for low-to-medium impact activities and all-day wear. Feel confident and in control with ENELL LITE wherever your day takes you.


      • 2007 – Introduce two new products, the ENELL LITE Bra and the ENELL LITE Tee
      • 2006 – Product QA and distribution expands and moves to a dedicated warehouse
      • 2005 – Move manufacturing to Mexico; raw materials still come from the US
      • 2005 – Begin sponsoring US Olympic Biathletes, twin sisters Tracy and Lanny Barnes
      • 2005 – The ENELL SPORT Bra appears on The Oprah Show
      • 1998 – Establish manufacturing partnership with Puerto Rico company
      • 1993 – Begin manufacturing sports bras with local area seamstresses
      • 1993 – Enell, Inc. is founded by Renelle Braaten

      Company Pr/recognition

      • 2012 –, Undie Award Winner – Best Sports Bra
      • 2012 – Governor Brian Schweitzer's State of Montana Innovative Business Award
      • 2010 – FORCE Spirit of Empowerment Award
      • 2008 – Undie Award Winner – Best Sports Bra
      • 2008 – (August) O Magazine, "You Really Got A Hold On Me" feature article
      • 2008 – (February) O Magazine, "LOVE THAT!"
      • 2007 –, Undie Award Winner – Best Sports Bra
      • 2004 – (March) O Magazine, "Essential workout equipment"
      • 2002 – (April) O Magazine, "O List: A few things Oprah thinks are just great"

      Our Team

      Renelle Braaten

      Founder and President of ENELL, Inc.

      Renelle's entrepreneurial spirit is the heart and soul of ENELL. Raiding local gardens and selling produce at the age of nine, Renelle had business aspirations at an early age. While her produce-selling business would flop, her ambition and entrepreneurial skills only grew stronger. Renelle went on to own and operate her own barbershop before pouring her energy into creating the best sports bra in the market. Never intending to turn her need for support into a business, Renelle's vision for ENELL ignited when fellow athletes started taking note of her custom-made sports bra. Renelle credits her success to three values she holds true to in all that she does: creativity, surrounding herself with quality people, and always providing the best customer service.

      Renelle is passionate about issues related to women's health, animal rights, and getting young women involved in sports. When she is not on the volleyball court or dreaming up the next great ENELL product, Renelle can be found in the stands supporting her favorite team at Montana State University-Northern. She believes in giving back however she can and "adopts a daughter" from the MSU-Northern volleyball program every year.

      Married to ENELL's CFO T. Wayne Koepke, Renelle is a talented artist and enjoys decorating, gardening, cooking, entertaining, and spending quality time with their three cats, Spike and brothers, Barnum and Bailey.

      Favorite Sports Bra:

      "The very first prototype that I personally used for two years before taking the ENELL to market. That was the first time 'the girls' felt secure!"

      Favorite Quote:

      "We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same."

      T. Wayne Koepke


      A Montana native, Wayne has more than 30 years of experience as a CPA. Wayne graduated with an accounting degree from Rocky Mountain College and runs his own accounting firm, in addition to serving as ENELL's CFO and on ENELL's Advisory Board.

      Wayne is married to Renelle, the Founder and President of ENELL. When they aren't spending quality time with their cats, they are currently renovating an old nurse's dorm into a beautiful home. Wayne's hobbies include work and more work.

      Favorite Sports Bra:

      "All the ENELL Bras, especially the ones that are shipping to our retailers and customers!"

      Favorite Quote:

      "The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary."

      Heidi Fisk

      Production Director

      Heidi joined ENELL as a full-time employee in 2005 after a successful 15-year career with Nike. With a degree in apparel design and more than two decades of apparel industry experience, Heidi has been instrumental in perfecting ENELL products. Asked if she would leave her extensive corporate career again, she proudly states: "Yes, in a heartbeat. Sure I had the security and comfort of working for a large corporation, but I was missing the excitement and risk of the entrepreneurial spirit that thrives in small companies."

      ENELL is fortunate to have Heidi's experience on the staff and as an Advisory Board member. When she is not working, Heidi enjoys yoga, gardening, scrapbooking and spending time with her husband, son and two cats.

      Favorite Sports Bra:

      "The HOPE (pink) Bra; not only is this a fabulous color but proceeds go to a great cause. I love the fact that ENELL is giving back to help women and families who are in treatment for breast and ovarian cancer."

      Favorite Quote:

      "Become a student of change. It is the only thing that will remain consistent."

      Brandy Carlson

      Operations, Sales & Customer Service Assistant

      Brandy joined ENELL in 2004 after owning and operating a quilt shop with her mother. She works closely with customers and retailers and does a fabulous job of upholding ENELL's Superior Customer Service Policy. Brandy is currently attending Montana State University-Northern, where she is pursuing her associate degree in ????.

      When not working or attending school, Brandy enjoys spending time with her family (especially her nephew), adding accessories to her car and quilting.

      Favorite Sports Bra:

      "My favorite ENELL would have to be the HOPE (pink) Bra, because it's pink of course! I LOVE the fact that part of the proceeds are donated to FORCE. This is such a feminine 'girly' color which I love, but it also works great under light colored T-shirts when you don't want your bra to show, similar to the way a beige color would be discreet, only prettier."

      Favorite Quote:

      "You need to be the model for change and give what you want in return (love, patience, understanding)."

      Mara Osborne

      Marketing Director

      Mara brings creativity and focus to the ENELL Team, serving as the Marketing Director as well as a member of the Advisory Board. She has a keen eye for quality and strives to uphold the integrity of the ENELL brand in everything she does.

      Mara attended the University of Montana on a track scholarship, where she earned a bachelor's degree in business administration/marketing. An avid skier, she is active in many sports and truly puts her ENELL bras to the test. When she is not on the slopes or working on the next marketing campaign for ENELL, Mara can typically be found running with Pintler, her black lab and trusted running partner.

      Favorite Sports Bra:

      Baby Turquoise: "It's a fun color that allows you to wear it alone on those long summer runs, and it looks fabulous with my black lab Pintler."

      Favorite Quote:

      "To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift."