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      I have been wearing Enell bras for 15 years. There the best bras for big busted women.



      I just wanted to say, "Thank you, so very much!" I have always had trouble finding a bra to fit. It is a job to get this bra on but once in the bra I immediately noticed the superior support. The redness on my shoulders is gone and hopefully the indentations will also go away. I will be a faithful customer!



      Felt so good and helped relieve the strain around my heart from carrying the big boobs.  I can feel the difference.  Thanks so much



      Thank you so much!! Best of the New Year to you and everyone at Enell!! I got my first Enell bra last fall and I LOVE it. I have since purchased 2 more sports bras and 2 racer back bras - love them all. Thought I would try the Lite one!! Looking forward to receiving it!! Thank you for making such a good quality product!!



      Just wanted to let someone know how much I've loved my ENELL bra over the years. I bought mine back in 2016 as a high school student, when I was nearly 200lb. I wear that same one today at 145lb. And you know? It still fits better than any other bra I have. Not only could I feel confident and comfortable, but my bra acted as a binder, which allowed me to feel great in my body. Thanks guys! 



      I am so grateful to FINALLY find a bra that fits well!!! I am super busty and have longed to find the right fit. This is the first bra that I can wear that does not cut into my shoulders and has the absolute best support EVER!!! I am completely blown away and completely satisfied. Thank you sooooo much for engineering this awesome boob holder!!



      Hello! I just wanted to say how much I love my Enell sports bras. I have the high impact as well as the Racer back bras. I easily have more than 10 bras and I absolutely love them. I work out approximately five times a week, extreme high intensity Boot Camp and strength training and they have not failed me once!  Thank you so much for creating a bra for women who have large breasts. I am at 34G and I get asked almost every day at the gym what type of bra I have on. One of my fellow gym mates said your breasts don’t move… I have to order that bra. Again thank you so much!



      Hi, Enell! I wanted to send a thank you for making an amazing product. I started wearing your sports bras over 10 years ago after my first daughter was born. I was having a terrible time finding a supportive and comfortable bra. Then I remembered Enell and was delighted to see you have racer back and lite bras now too! I have been wearing the lites for about 2 weeks and it’s made a difference! My neck and shoulders dont’t hurt, my posture is better and I’m not self conscious wearing a tshirt! You will be my go to from now on! Again, thanks for a great product!



      I am a longtime customer. Your sports bras are by far the best I’ve ever used...Nothing else compares. I’ve also washed them a million times and they’re still in great shape! 



      I just wanted to let you know how much I love Enell! I have purchased Enell Lite over the past few years, and this time I ordered an Enell Sport! I have always had trouble finding a bra that would fit…always having to settle for wearing ones that were so very uncomfortable!

      It is very rare, especially these days, where you find a company that offers products of amazing quality, and the best customer service! My previous returns were processed without any difficulties, and was given a quick refund! Every order has been processed so very quickly! You are all the best at what you do! I always recommend Enell to all my friends! I ordered the Enell Sport for the first time, and I love it! The fit is amazing!



      I ordered a couple of the bras several years ago. I absolutely love how well these are made and hold up. So grateful to have a bra made for us larger busted women. I highly recommend these bras. I wear the lite every day. I'm a hairdresser and work long hours, they are very comfortable!! Thank you Enell!



      I ordered an Enell sports bra a couple months ago. Let me say that I am so very glad to have discovered Enell and the hook sports bra-it is the only one that has actually been designed well enough to support me and I am looking forward to finally being able to run again!



      Hello. I just wanted to send a message to let you know how impressed I am with your bras! Obviously your company knows the struggle that larger women face when purchasing bras. The issue has always been compounded for me by the fact that my breasts are about 2 cup sizes different from each other. So I’ve experienced bras that are too large, too small, not enough support, and uncomfortable all at the same time. I was skeptical about your product, but figured I’d try it out. When I first got it out of the package, it reminded me of many of the bras that haven’t worked out for me in the past. But when I put it on I was shocked to find that it fits great, offers good support, and is incredibly comfortable. I think your bra is the first I’ve ever put on where I didn’t have to adjust to the feeling for a few minutes before it was comfortable. You’ve made a truly amazing product! Thank you!



      Enell is the only brand that holds everything in for me, as weird as that sounds. I have tried all the big name brands, but nothing compared to the day I got my first Enell! Thank you, thank you, thank you!



      Thank you! I love these bras. Been wearing them since 2003 for long distance horseback riding.  And now for everyday. So comfortable!



      I just want to THANK YOU so much for making a wonderful bra with no bounce. I have tried many and yours, hands down, is the absolute BEST!! My search is over and I will never buy another running bra anywhere else again!!



      I have sent your company an email in the past to tell you how amazing the last resort bra is. It has totally changed my life! I go out kayaking and paddle boarding and wear your bra under my bathing suit. It gives me the support I need, and the confidence to leave the water and head out to a restaurant, or grocery store. If only I could take my tank top off, and not feel like people will look at me funny for wearing a bra under my bathing suit. Your bra gave me the ability to stop wearing two sports bras at the same time. It gave me the ability to feel confident while exercising. It took away the shoulder, neck and back pain I had from other bras. It honestly has changed my life. There is never a day that I am NOT wearing that bra. Thanks for having the best bra out There!



      Just wanted to say thank you for making the ONLY sports bra I will ever wear. Nothing else works!



      My bra arrived. It’s beautiful. Thank you for making such a great bra for us gals who are a bit busty 😉

      I can’t imagine doing any activity without mine. 



      It came, it fits great! I just have to say, this is my third Enell bra. I started with a size 6, then a 5, and now a 4. The bra gives me the comfort to move freely as I exercise, and it’s a very important part of my new fitness routine! Hoping to need a size 3 before too long!



      The racer back is a game changer!  



      I Love Enell bras!  I was wondering if you have any plans of creating a blue bra. Maybe you’ve gotten this request before.....😊 I would love a blue bra  (light or bright) in the high impact NL100 and NL101.....!!!!

      I just want to let you know these bras are heaven sent! I am a 36DD and very active. Until I get a reduction, your bras will be my everyday wear and gym wear. I will still buy your bras after the reduction as I will still ‘qualify’ to wear them!!!!😆.

      they have relieved the back, shoulder and neck problems I have experienced and give me confidence to jog at the gym! I can’t say enough about the comfort and security they offer which has led to a lot of confidence and a lack of preoccupation about proper support.

      All the best to you and please.....a pretty blue...or two?????😊😊😊



      I wish to express how much I love my Enell Bra’s. I have 3 and they are almost the only bra I ever wear. Thank you for designing these wonderful garments. I ride horse and have always found it hard because of the bounce.  I have endured back and neck pain since I was 16 due to the size of my chest.




      Hello Enell team!

       I just want to thank you so much for your product!  I have always been athletic and active.  And, I have always had major boobs!  I can remember wearing the run of the mill sports bra in high school only to be gawked at or teased, not to mention the pain from the bounce!  Then at some point in my mid-twenties a woman introduced me to the Enell and it was like my whole world opened!  I can breath when I run.  I am stable when I jump.  I don't have to worry about the bounce OR the pain.  Now as a mom, my 13yr old has one and everytime I see a young, well endowed athlete I just want grab her mom/dad and say "Have you heard about Enell?".  Not sure how well that would go over.  

       You know what would be the end all?  Would you consider making something that could be used as a swimtop?  I currently use my old Enell under a swimshirt, but it definitely looks like I am wearing a bra under to swim in.  Plus, the fabric doesn't seem to care too  much for the chlorine.  But, WOW!  it would be great to have something like that!


       Forever Faithful to the E!




      Just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your bras!!! I am a DDD and try to stay active. Couldn’t do it without you.

       Thank you, thank you, thank you!! These bras are a lifesaver!



      I Do . . . love my new Enell bra.  Finally, a bra made for (big girls).  I have had people ask me if I'm losing weight.  I have talked for years about getting breast reduction.  Until then, I can imagine what that will be like, because with my new bra, I almost look like I've had the surgery.  Thanks soooo much !!!




      I LOVE my new Enell! I recommended Enell to a friend that I work with. There is no better sports bra!  Thank you!



      It's been awhile but I wanted to give you an update and another shout-out to the ENELL team.  After a follow up appointment with my surgeon in May, it was discovered that I needed to have surgery on my left breast again.  We scheduled surgery for June 19th - in between swim meets for my daughter and baseball tournaments for my son.  Everything went well, and I found out that all the ducts that were removed were benign on Monday (my birthday!), so great news!  Even better was that you know what I was given by a good friend for my recovery?  An ENELL Raspberry Racer!  And I LOVE it!  I have basically lived in for the last week, as I have to wear a supportive sports bra for two more weeks, 24 hours a day.  (Well, I do rotate it with my custom orchid ENELL - I am well supported!)  I have never had a racer back bra that I could wear due to my large chest size.  I'm so in love, and so in love with the color and pattern.  So fantastic job, team ENELL!  I can't wait to use it to exercise again soon.



      Your bras are fantastic.It is great to support a Montana company as I was born and raised in Montana. Thank you for a great product.  



      Talk about the most amazing sports bra ever!!! I used it for the first time today and enjoyed more workout even more. You have my business for life!!!



      Several years ago I started to fitness walk, and as a well endowed woman, I visited a specialty bra store that fit me to Enell and I fell in love. Finally I had the full support I needed and nothing poking out the sides because I was trying to squeeze into something that wasn't the right cup size. I purchased more Enell Sports bras as I continued to walk. My Enells and I have finished several half marathons and are attempting a full in Hawaii in December.

       Yesterday I had surgery on both breasts to remove ducts that were causing cancer concerns. My surgeon told me that I needed to have a tight fitting sports bra when I got home to recover in (for the next two weeks). The Enell is perfect with its support and front closures. The tight fit has helped in my recovery and keeping my discomfort down.  I was so glad I had them at home waiting for me!

       I just wanted to say thank you for your quality product - it's helped me through 13.1 miles of fitness walking and surgery recovery. I'd recommend it to anyone! 



      The LITE is that bra you reach for when you want to get through the entire day comfortable but supported. I'll wear it under work clothes, dresses, or t-shirts for nearly any activity and it doesn't have me itching to rip it off at the end of the day. You won't need the relief at the end of the day! I also love it for walking and yoga, or any other activity where you need the support but can't be constricted by underwires.



      LITE SPORT Bra

      It's the perfect bra for travel!



      LITE SPORT Bra

      YES...its the perfect bra for wires and supports the girls very nicely. Super comfy for airplanes and car trips.



      In 2013 at the age of 49 I had a total knee replacement. Seven months later I turned 50, and I weighed 252 pounds. With my ENELL sports bras, I started working with a personal trainer in September of 2014, and I’ve lost (to date) 26 pounds and more than twenty (!!) total inches from my body. While I cannot run or jump with the new knee, my trainer and I have found many other forms of exercise that require the girls to be strapped down with authority. My ENELL Sport loads and locks the 36G girls down, and they. DO. NOT. MOVE. My trainer calls it my bulletproof bra. Thank you so much for helping me and so many others who need superior support. I’ll never wear another sports bra again. Can’t wait for the next 26 to melt away!



      Hello! I would like to thank you for your amazing product. I have been well endowed since a young age, a C cup at the age of 12 to mature to a whopping DDD by the end of puberty. As an athlete, it was very difficult to contain my girls during training, and as a soccer goal keeper I had many embarrassing times when my normal sports bra couldn't contain me. It got to the point that I would wear multiple sports bras to help the issue, but even then I would still spill out if I landed the wrong way. My dad finally did some research when my parents decided enough was enough and found the ENELL sports bra. My first purchase was around the age of 15 and I am now 21 years old. Not only has your product completely fixed my problem, but the bra has lasted up until this point. Approximately six years! I now wear this bra for anything from normal day to day exercise, to playing sports, to competing in college horseback riding! You have really allowed me to become a stronger athlete and not have to worry about shoving my boobs back into 4 sports bras to keep from bouncing all over the place. Thank you so much for providing such a high quality bra that not only works, but lasts!



      Just wanted to say THANK YOU for making the one and ONLY sports bra that has ever kept my girls in place while running! I purchased one a few years ago and when I realized how amazing and magical the thing was, I bought two more! (From Title Nine).

      All three are still working perfectly and I recommend them to every one of my girlfriends in need of a solution to "the triple sports bra torture." Sincerely grateful and appropriately contained. -Amanda



      I am writing to thank you for making me a runner. Before I discovered your bras, every attempt I made to move beyond a fast walk into jogging and running was met with pain and frustration. With my Enell bras, in the space of nine months I have gone from only being able to run to the end of my block, to being able to whip out a 5K distance. Your bras really are the functional equivalent of unhooking your breasts to leave them home for a run – and somehow they accomplish this support without binding or hurting. I tell everyone about Enell, and how your products have made it possible for me to become something I never thought I would be – a runner. Thank you!



      Thank you so much for making a great supportive sports bra for big chested women. Now I can run without wearing a regular bra with 2 cheesy sports bras over it to strap those puppies down!



      Thank you for your amazing product. I bought my first Enell this year at the suggestion of a friend who is a fitness instructor. I had taken up running with my 8yo son because I was nervous about letting him run alone. I wear a 36H and I cannot believe the support my Enell provides. It's just no longer an issue. I never thought I would be able to be this active. We ran our first 5K together in October, and I look forward to many more.

      Curvy Yoga


      I've been giving my Enells a spin, and they are truly the best sports bras I've ever tried. Now, I'm not like a professional sports bra tester or anything, so it's not like I've tried that many, but these are seriously awesome. I have never felt so fully supported before. As not only a yoga student but a yoga teacher, this is huge for me. Before Enell (or BE, as I'll now refer to it), I was constantly worried about how much boobage I'd be showing when teaching class. And now? Crisis averted! I only have the teeniest tiniest bit of cleavage now — even in Down Dog or other boobalicious poses. Hooray! (Read full review here)

      Debra F.


      I wanted to take a moment and share some positive feedback about your bras. I have purchased 3 in the past 2 weeks! I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. This was devastating for me. I am a nurse and a hospital administrator who has always taken care of my health... I am a 34D so I wanted a great bra post operative. Well I found a great bra for life! I had to have surgery on both breasts 4 days ago. All is well and they are nice and snug in my new bras! Lol.

      email PS – I had just purchased 3D technology for my hospital in January 2013. This cancer was not visible on regular 2D digital imaging. I am taking every opportunity to educate and promote 3D for women with dense breast tissue!



      I just had to tell you, I love that Enell bras now come in bright colors. I have the Navy Blue and the Pink and my friend has the Purple. We were talking the other day about how we feel like superheros in our bras because they are so colorful and fantastic.



      I wanted to pass on my kudos for a superior product! I ordered one of your sports bras through Amazon, and it arrived today; it's a serious game-changer, comfort and support in one package. For the first time ever, I don't have painful pressure over my shoulders, and no spillover anywhere. These bras are amazing, and I'm definitely going to be purchasing more. Thanks for making these wonderful bras!



      I just had to tell you, I love that Enell bras now come in bright colors. I have the Navy Blue and the Pink and my friend has the Purple. We were talking the other day about how we feel like superheros in our bras because they are so colorful and fantastic.



      This bra has changed my life! Now when I run, jump, and dive after the ball the fact that I'm large chested never comes into play. I've tried them all and the ENELL is the most comfortable and supportive bra out there!