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    In 2013 at the age of 49 I had a total knee replacement. Seven months later I turned 50, and I weighed 252 pounds. With my ENELL sports bras, I started working with a personal trainer in September of 2014, and I’ve lost (to date) 26 pounds and more than twenty (!!) total inches from my body. While I cannot run or jump with the new knee, my trainer and I have found many other forms of exercise that require the girls to be strapped down with authority. My ENELL Sport loads and locks the 36G girls down, and they. DO. NOT. MOVE. My trainer calls it my bulletproof bra. Thank you so much for helping me and so many others who need superior support. I’ll never wear another sports bra again. Can’t wait for the next 26 to melt away!



    Hello! I would like to thank you for your amazing product. I have been well endowed since a young age, a C cup at the age of 12 to mature to a whopping DDD by the end of puberty. As an athlete, it was very difficult to contain my girls during training, and as a soccer goal keeper I had many embarrassing times when my normal sports bra couldn't contain me. It got to the point that I would wear multiple sports bras to help the issue, but even then I would still spill out if I landed the wrong way. My dad finally did some research when my parents decided enough was enough and found the ENELL sports bra. My first purchase was around the age of 15 and I am now 21 years old. Not only has your product completely fixed my problem, but the bra has lasted up until this point. Approximately six years! I now wear this bra for anything from normal day to day exercise, to playing sports, to competing in college horseback riding! You have really allowed me to become a stronger athlete and not have to worry about shoving my boobs back into 4 sports bras to keep from bouncing all over the place. Thank you so much for providing such a high quality bra that not only works, but lasts!



    Just wanted to say THANK YOU for making the one and ONLY sports bra that has ever kept my girls in place while running! I purchased one a few years ago and when I realized how amazing and magical the thing was, I bought two more! (From Title Nine).

    All three are still working perfectly and I recommend them to every one of my girlfriends in need of a solution to "the triple sports bra torture." Sincerely grateful and appropriately contained. -Amanda



    I am writing to thank you for making me a runner. Before I discovered your bras, every attempt I made to move beyond a fast walk into jogging and running was met with pain and frustration. With my Enell bras, in the space of nine months I have gone from only being able to run to the end of my block, to being able to whip out a 5K distance. Your bras really are the functional equivalent of unhooking your breasts to leave them home for a run – and somehow they accomplish this support without binding or hurting. I tell everyone about Enell, and how your products have made it possible for me to become something I never thought I would be – a runner. Thank you!



    Thank you so much for making a great supportive sports bra for big chested women. Now I can run without wearing a regular bra with 2 cheesy sports bras over it to strap those puppies down!



    Thank you for your amazing product. I bought my first Enell this year at the suggestion of a friend who is a fitness instructor. I had taken up running with my 8yo son because I was nervous about letting him run alone. I wear a 36H and I cannot believe the support my Enell provides. It's just no longer an issue. I never thought I would be able to be this active. We ran our first 5K together in October, and I look forward to many more.

    Curvy Yoga


    I've been giving my Enells a spin, and they are truly the best sports bras I've ever tried. Now, I'm not like a professional sports bra tester or anything, so it's not like I've tried that many, but these are seriously awesome. I have never felt so fully supported before. As not only a yoga student but a yoga teacher, this is huge for me. Before Enell (or BE, as I'll now refer to it), I was constantly worried about how much boobage I'd be showing when teaching class. And now? Crisis averted! I only have the teeniest tiniest bit of cleavage now — even in Down Dog or other boobalicious poses. Hooray! (Read full review here)

    Debra F.


    I wanted to take a moment and share some positive feedback about your bras. I have purchased 3 in the past 2 weeks! I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. This was devastating for me. I am a nurse and a hospital administrator who has always taken care of my health... I am a 34D so I wanted a great bra post operative. Well I found a great bra for life! I had to have surgery on both breasts 4 days ago. All is well and they are nice and snug in my new bras! Lol.

    email PS – I had just purchased 3D technology for my hospital in January 2013. This cancer was not visible on regular 2D digital imaging. I am taking every opportunity to educate and promote 3D for women with dense breast tissue!



    I just had to tell you, I love that Enell bras now come in bright colors. I have the Navy Blue and the Pink and my friend has the Purple. We were talking the other day about how we feel like superheros in our bras because they are so colorful and fantastic.



    I wanted to pass on my kudos for a superior product! I ordered one of your sports bras through Amazon, and it arrived today; it's a serious game-changer, comfort and support in one package. For the first time ever, I don't have painful pressure over my shoulders, and no spillover anywhere. These bras are amazing, and I'm definitely going to be purchasing more. Thanks for making these wonderful bras!



    I just had to tell you, I love that Enell bras now come in bright colors. I have the Navy Blue and the Pink and my friend has the Purple. We were talking the other day about how we feel like superheros in our bras because they are so colorful and fantastic.



    This bra has changed my life! Now when I run, jump, and dive after the ball the fact that I'm large chested never comes into play. I've tried them all and the ENELL is the most comfortable and supportive bra out there!