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      ENELL’s commitment to women and families goes beyond the playing field. Determined to GO BIG where it counts most, ENELL is proud to support the fight against breast and ovarian cancer by donating 10% of all sales YEAR ROUND from our HOPE SPORT Bra and HOPE LITE Bra to women's health organizations.

      For October, we're increasing the donation to 20% in support of Casting for Recovery.

      Casting for Recovery

      Enell sponsors Casting For Recovery

      ENELL is proud to be a National Sponsor of Casting for Recovery (CfR). CfR provides healing outdoor retreats for women with breast cancer, at no cost to the participants. Their retreats offer opportunities for women to find inspiration, discover renewed energy for life, and experience healing connections with other women and nature. The retreats are open to women with breast cancer of all ages, in all stages of treatment and recovery. For over 20 years, women from all walks of life have benefitted from CfR’s inspiring program model.

      Learn more about our partnership on the ENELL blog and on the Casting for Recovery website.

      "...This diagnosis is always on your mind, but it was really great to put it aside and enjoy the peaceful surroundings and fly fishing. It was an amazing experience!

      I am tremendously grateful for your sponsorship and intend to fly fish again in the spring with my brother."
      - Pam, Casting for Recovery Pennsylvania participant

      Breast Friends of Oregon

      Breast Friends of Oregon

      Sharon Henifin and Becky Olson met in 1991 while working together at the same company. In 1993 Sharon was diagnosed with breast cancer. Being first in her circle, her friends, were at a loss as to how to help her. Three years later, Becky was diagnosed with the same. Sharon, having gone through it herself, had an idea about what Becky needed.

      Over the next few years, what the two women came to understand was that their experience was not unusual. They discovered that friends, though well intentioned, often don’t know how to help and too often women end up fighting the disease alone and afraid. People would rather say nothing than say the wrong thing. In August of 2000, they decided over lunch to start a non-profit organization. The name, Breast Friends, was chosen and registered with the state of Oregon. A website URL was selected and Breast Friends was born.

      Since 2000, Breast Friends has grown at a phenomenal pace. Programs continue to expand to keep up with the need. In 2009, Breast Friends expanded into other women’s cancers. We also began reaching out to women in other parts of the country and now have affiliates in three corners of the United States. Breast Friends is on a 10 year mission to be help women all across the United States.

      Kalispell Regional Medical Center’s Mobile Mammography Coach:

      "Kalispell Regional Medical Center’s Mobile Mammography Coach reaches women who are unable to come to the on-site imaging center. The mobile unit is helping eliminate barriers by making it faster and more convenient for women in rural Montana to have a screening mammogram, the key to lifesaving early detection of breast cancer. Yearly mammograms are covered by Medicare and most insurance companies."

      More information about the Coach can be found here.