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      Interested in becoming an enell team member? We'd love to hear from you!

      Please send us your resume for the position(s) listed below. In the event there are no positions currently available, we would still love to receive your resume for future reference.

      ENELL sportswear is seeking a well endowed fit model on an as need basis for fitting and testing of prototype garments. In beaverton Oregon.

      Requirements are as follows:

      • Must be a C cup or above.
      • Measurement must be in the range of 41? to 45? around the fullest part of the bust and 35? to 37? around the rib cage directly under the bust.
      • Model will be responsible for their own transportation to and from job site.
      • Must be willing to wear bra during fitness activities and provide feedback.
      • Model will be photographed for in house review only. Photos will not be published or shared on social media.

      Please note that this is a "fit model" and not a "fashion model" position. Only SERIOUS inquires that meet our criteria need to apply. Please submit your measurements and a photo, you can also visit our website at for further information on the brand.