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      The Enell Bra and Its Post-Op Benefits

      The Enell Bra and Its Post-Op Benefits

      Depending on the surgery performed, it’s generally advised by doctors that you allow a 6 week recovery time after any breast augmentation. Naturally, few women will whip out their sexy Balconette bras straight after such painful surgery, with many women preferring to choose to wear either a surgical bra or an appropriate sports bra to aid in their recovery process. So what makes an Enell sports bra an effective alternative for the surgical bra? The restrictive nature of the fabric helps compress the breasts and allow limited movement in order for the breasts to recover quicker. The Enell bra is the perfect option for any woman who has undergone breast surgery; aesthetically the bra looks a lot better than that of its surgical counterparts- which have a tendency to look like pre-teen training bras- and yet maintains suitable functionality.  

      3 key points that make the Enell Bra the perfect post-op Bra

      • Front Facing Fastenings: After surgery it is generally advisable to have the bras fastenings at the front of the bra to minimise pain when removing the bra. The Enell bra features a front facing hook and eye system which allows the wearer to easily slip the bra on and off with limited effort.
      • Shoulder Comfort: The large wide non-stretch straps distribute the weight of the breasts across the shoulders evenly which minimises strain and discomfort. Perfect if you’ve gone up a few sizes!
      • Movement Control: The motion control neckline limits the movements of the ‘up and down’ movement of the breasts, after surgery it is paramount that the breasts stay as motionless as possible to reduce swelling and aid in healing. A Post-op bra tends to have to be worn 24/7 after surgery, the Enell bra’s large wide panel situated underneath the breasts make an extremely close and comfortable fit.


      If you’re based in the UK or Europe and are looking to buy an Enell sports bra, then look no further than Boobydoo are a leading online sports bra retailer and offer free returns / exchanges on all UK orders. Shop Enell at Boobydoo today.


      How to Order a Male Support Vest (MSV) from Enell

      How to Order a Male Support Vest (MSV) from Enell

      Many men have the need for a good support vest. Gynecomastia (male breast enlargement) is one of the more common conditions that may necessitate extra support. The ENELL Male Support Vest (MSV) could be the answer for you.

      The ENELL MSV provides support as it flattens the chest and minimizes movement or “bounce” when you are active. It is available in three colors; white, black, and beige. The MSV is made with the same fabric and similar to the ENELL SPORTS Bra but without the arch seams. The ENELL team always works with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. We care about our customers and will make every effort to fulfill your needs. Since each support vest is designed specifically for its owner, they are non-returnable and non-refundable. Therefore, any fitting issues or concerns should be thoroughly discussed with ENELL’s design team prior to placing your order.
      To learn more about the ENELL MSV, please call our Customer Service Department toll-free at 1.800.828.7661 (1.406.265.8250 for international inquiries). Have a tape measure handy and we will take you through the steps necessary to design the perfect support vest for you. You can also contact us via email. For the best feedback, please include the following information in your email:
      • Take two measurements: Around the fullest part of your breast and around the ribcage directly under your breasts
      • The reason for and/or what you would like your Male Support Vest to accomplish
      • The method in which you would like to be contacted
      • The best time to contact you

      Tips for Trying Bikram (or Other Hot Yoga)

      Tips for Trying Bikram (or Other Hot Yoga)

      Have you ever gotten an idea in your head that you want to do something, but then spend weeks researching it so you don’t feel like an idiot when you do it? This is exactly what happened to me trying out Bikram Yoga.

      Bikram Yoga is a system of yoga that Bikram Choudhury synthesized from traditional yoga techniques and popularized beginning in the early 1970s.[1][2] Bikram’s classes run exactly 90 minutes and consist of a set series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. Bikram Yoga is ideally practiced in a room heated to 105°F (? 40.6°C) with a humidity of 40%, causing it to be categorized as a form of hot yoga. (via Wikipedia)

      bikram yoga

      My ENELL SPORT Bra and I survived Bikram Yoga!

      Things to Take to Class:

      • Yoga Mat
      • Long towel for your mat: You can purchase a special yoga towel that is thin but also the proper dimensions for a yoga mat if you think you’ll make this a habit, but a regular large bath towel works fine also.
      • Hand towel for the dripping sweat: You won’t be able to wipe your brow on your shirt as it will be wet. Plus your hands will get slick, so you need to be able to dry them off.
      • Water
      • (optional) a friend – it helped get me in the hot room to know she was there suffering with me at first!

      bikram yoga

      Top 5 Tips:

      1. Talk to the instructor in advance: As part of my “research,” I spoke to the studio owner and one of the class instructors prior to committing to a class. I worried if I was too out of shape or not flexible enough. They gave me the answers I needed to hear to make myself feel comfortable walking into a super hot room for 90 minutes. The peace of mind was great. If by chance you happen across less kind instructors, save your money and take it elsewhere to a different studio. Yoga is not for the elite – it is for everyone.
      2. Wear less clothing: This is not for vanity purposes, this is strictly for comfort. You will sweat, a lot. (You’d be just as soaked if you had run through your yard sprinklers for about 5 minutes). If you wear full length pants or a longer sleeved shirt, it will get sticky and heavy fast. I’ve worn both my ENELL SPORT and ENELL LITE to Bikram Yoga and I’d suggest the LITE as it doesn’t come as high up on the neck and allows for better deep breathing as it’s a little more forgiving around the ribcage.
      3. Stop stressing, no one is looking at you: I am not flexible and my body is quite round and much larger than the other attendees. In order to hold the poses (or get into them in the first place), you have to concentrate wholly on yourself and your body. One side-eye to the gal on your left and you’ll topple. So stop being so self-conscious. (Easier said than done, I understand.)
      4. It’s okay to sit: My first class, I sat for 50% of it. I was just trying to stand the heat and humidity – forget about moving my body. While sitting, I noticed something: nearly everyone else sat too for a little bit. Even those who looked like they could do the class in their sleep with perfect form sometimes had to take a rest. It is okay! Just focus on breathing and take little sips of water if needed.
      5. Don’t chug: In a hot, humid environment you will get thirsty. You’re sweating a lot of your hydration away so it’s natural to want to grab your water bottle. Don’t take large gulps of water, otherwise you’ll feel really bloated and nauseated. Tiny sips are much better. You get to wet your mouth and not have your stomach hit with a liter of water.

      Do you have questions about Bikram yoga? Experiences you’d like to share? We’d love to chat in the comments!

      Big Boob Blues: Common Complaints of the Well-Endowed

      Big Boob Blues: Common Complaints of the Well-Endowed

      At some point in your life, you’ve likely lamented your breast size: you want them bigger or smaller or more evenly distributed. We always want what we don’t have! Those of us who are “well-endowed”, however, seem to have a little more trouble with some things than our less busty friends. Sometimes, having a big bust is a blessing. Other times, it’s a curse!

      busty girl problems

      We love Busty Girl Comics from Rampaige!

      Big Boob Problems:

      • Your chest acts as a food magnet, and inevitably at each meal you end up with food on your chest. Your chest sometimes eats more than you do.
      • Going up or down stairs in your pajamas sans-bra means you’re probably using your hands for bounce support (we call this the “hand bra”)
      • Button down shirts. Enough said.
      • Playing sports like golf or tennis requires extra skill to avoid chest bruises
      • Some yoga poses leave you suffocated by your own breasts

      In addition to the humorous or inconvenient problems, large chested women have to often deal with back pain, stretch marks and sagging. Coopers ligaments are fibrous strands that support the structure of breast tissue. Years of wearing unsupportive bras can make these ligaments m ore prone to stretching out.

      Many well-endowed women have tried the double-bra method when exercising: layering 2 bras together to get extra support. This is uncomfortable, and even with 2 bras, you might not be getting the desired bounce control.

      The ENELL SPORT Bra is designed for women with busts sizes 32C-52G, and is made for true no-bounce support. The bra looks different from others, but was designed with some key features in mind to maximize the bounce control.

      enell sport bra


      • Wide straps evenly distribute the weight of the breasts, without causing the uncomfortable “shoulder dent” you get from narrower straps
      • 10 sizes that are determined by your exact measurements, leaving very little wiggle room. Contrast that to a sports bra you pull over your head: if you can stretch it out to fit over your shoulders, how well can it support you?
      • Fabric that has very little stretch so the bounce is contained. It’s also treated to wick moisture so you’re cool and comfortable
      • Individual seamed cups that are designed to eliminate the “uniboob” effect, while still having compression to minimize bounce
      • Front closure that is easy to get in and out of
      • Higher neck contains the bounce by holding the breasts down and in place
      • Stabilizing back panels that provide extra support and improve posture

      Head to your closest ENELL Retailer (search here) so they can help you find the perfect ENELL fit. While you’re there, do a bounce test – you’ll be amazed at the difference!

      Don’t need quite as much support? There is also the ENELL LITE, which is perfect for low to medium impact activities like yoga, walking, and cycling.

       What are your big boob complaints?