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      Blog — Enell

      Introducing: Limited Edition Coral

      Introducing: Limited Edition Coral

      Introducing our newest Limited Edition color: Coral!

      This PANTONE Color of the Year is vibrant and fun. It will put a bounce in your step, but not in your boobs! 

      This color is available in our SPORT and RACER bras. Like all of our Limited Edition colors, once they are sold out they will not be replenished. 

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      Watch Now: Under The Big Sky

      Watch Now: Under The Big Sky

      Last year, we were excited to have the ENELL story captured by Under the Big Sky. Last weekend, the episode premiered and more Montanans were exposed to the story of ENELL. 

      In the episode, ENELL Founder and President Renelle Braaten shares:

      • How a hairdresser from Havre, Montana started a company that would become Oprah's favorite sports bra?
      • How do you actually get in front of Oprah anyway?
      • With so much buzz, why stay based in Montana?

      Now, no matter where you are, you can watch the story of ENELL, Oprah, and everything in-between. Want to know what ENELL is about? It doesn't get any more real than this! See all videos here.

      5 Things Only Well-Endowed Women Understand

      5 Things Only Well-Endowed Women Understand

      Big boobed ladies unite! Some of us love being well-endowed while some of us bemoan it. No matter what side you’re on, there are some universal truths we can all rally behind:

      1. Button down shirts

      The just don’t stay contained with buttons.

      2. The uplifting feeling of the right bra

      You know what we mean, right? Especially when you put on your first ENELL Bra.

      3. Food down the shirt

      When you take your bra off at the end of the night and a bucket of popcorn falls out from the movie you saw earlier.

      4. Bull Boobs in a China Shop

      Accidents are inevitable. They have a mind of their own.

      5. How to spell relief

      The end of the day is when you take your bra off. There’s no going back out once the bra hits the floor.

      What are some other issues we’ve missed?